Ignite The Fire

Yesterday afternoon my daughters Syra and Sophia joined me while I sat in on Registered Holistic Nutritionist Julie Daniluk speak at the Whole Life Expo at the Metro Convention Center in Toronto.Syra was engaged excitedly raising her hands to answer questions and participating in the activities.  Her eyes were locked and I could tell that she was listening.

At the very end Syra wanted to meet Julie,  so we went up to the Healthy Planet booth where she got her Hot Detox booked signed by Julie and even shared in a conversation with lots of words of encouragement.Syra is completely inspired.  She sat with her book last night browsing the pages, looking for a delicious recipe to try. Which will be her first?

This morning she picked out the Antioxidant Smoothie Bowl and treated the family to breakfast.  This recipe is super delicious, filling and nourishing, that even Sophia ate it with no complaints!

Syra said she really feels good about the book and wanted to try to do this for 21 Days while making short videos on her chosen recipes.  I smiled at her as her big brown eyes, stared at me with such excitement.  A passion ignited.

As an R.H.N., this is a moment we all wait for with any client or family member.  The moment of readiness.  I am more than excited and happy to support my daughter on her journey to wellness using this book as inspiration.

With her motivated by the Hot Detox book and inspired by Julie, I’m confident that Syra will have fun and help repair her body one recipe at a time.  Thank you Julie Daniluk for igniting the fire in my little girl!

Wholeheartedly yours,

Sumbul Zafar, R.H.N.