I Am Proud To Offer My Clients A Promo Code For All Day Nutritionals Liquid Supplements

Many of you may know that I have founded a non-profit campaign called Laps Of Love, where I will be swimming 10,000 laps to raise awareness for dystonia (a neuromuscular movement disorder I have).

I am proud to announce that All Day Nutritionals is sponsoring Laps of Love and has created a promo code especially for Laps Of Love.  This isn’t just a great opportunity for my charitable campaign, but also a great opportunity for my nutritional clients to make use of a superior product which is affordable, easy to use and that I strongly believe in.  My whole family uses these products and loves them!

All Day Nutritionals liquid supplements have a higher absorption rate than pills and are easily digested by your body. They are vegetarian friendly and use only the highest quality of vitamin and mineral ingredients.  All Day Nutritionals are also free of preservatives and artificial flavourings; and gluten-free, dairy-free and caffeine free.

To purchase All Day Nutritionals liquid vitamins, click on the image below and type in LAPSOFLOVE when you check out and 10% of the purchase will be donated to help this campaign and the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation of Canada.

A big thank you to my friends at All Day Nutritionals for all your support and encouragement!